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David Little


Born in 1967, David is a Texan by choice, husband of Amy and father of Sam, Ashley, Sarah, and Jake.  He lives in Dripping Springs, Texas, the Gateway to the Hill Country, and worships at Sunset Canyon Baptist Church. 


His past includes the United States Marine Corps for 26 years and being an attorney for 27 years.  Most notably, his past includes deployment to Iraq with the 2nd Marine Regiment in 2005, a stroke in 2008, and having the Little family home burn down in 2010.  His family's faith was shaken because of this, but it has grown stronger even during the trials and tribulations. 


A strong man of faith, he is now a Chaplain at a local hopsital, a Deacon at his church, sings in the choir, and attends seminary at Logsdon Seminary in San Antonio, Texas. 


A broken man by the world's standards, his gifts - that which made David an athlete, leader, Marine Officer, and skillful litigation attorney - are different post-stroke.  Though he comes back from the stroke which changed David and his family life forever, he has surrendered to God, become a Chaplain, and grown because of it.

Ministry and Leadership Focus


Things have changed in David Little's life.  But two things haven't changed:  Faith in God and the leadership skills David learned through the trials and tribulations.  It is this that speaks to people.  


From churches, to faith groups, to people in leadership roles, David has a word for each of them.  For especially people who have had something happen to them, had challenges, or have made mistakes in their lives, a broken human can speak to them in ways that matter.


With the deployment to combat, the stroke and the recovery (that continues), and the fire, David's faith has been a journey.  There have been hills and valleys, but through it all, faith in the Triune God has triumphed and been there to give peace, rest, and comfort.  


David has been involved in leadership through a multitude of roles. From band to baseball to church, early on; from law school and law practice, the Marine Corps, Faith and responsibilities at church, Stroke and recovery, the fire, and now a Chaplain that gives back to people; he has a lot to draw on in speaking about leadership, managing, and relationships.



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