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A Story of Faith and Hope

            David Little has had his and his family’s world turned upside down - with tour to combat in Iraq on 2005, a stroke which debilitated him in 2008, and a fire that burned down their house in 2010 – but he came out of it with a view that God – through Jesus Christ – is there and puts hope and love in your life, and all you have to do is trust that He is Lord! 

            But God is also there when you are in the wilderness, or doubting Him.  As David tells the story of combat duty you see where God prepared he and his family for what is to come.   When he tells you of a stroke that debilitated him a short time later you will see hope that came from that situation.  Finally, a fire to their home, caused by lightning in a pouring rainstorm that brought palpable love to David and his family.  You will see that God is in the midst, doing the little – and sometimes big things – to get you ready, see you through with love, and provide you with hope, even in the darkest of times.

            That, however, is not just David’s story, or his family’s.  It is his church’s story, the community’s story, the word’s story, and your story – because it is about God’s relationship with His people, and all of you are invited to partake! 

            That is why it is Worship – of the God that created us, loves enough to send Jesus down to Earth while we were still sinners, and provides hope that see us through the day – whatever that looks like – if we just trust Him to start a relationship with the Lord of All. 

            David and his ministry team – which includes Will McGowan, Connan Coker, Chris Tedford, Bobby Little, and other team members of the Praise Team Band depending on the location and duration of the setting – will come and worship with you in an environment that welcomes the Holy Spirit in and worships the God we love and praise, in three settings:  3 sessions (1:15 per), 2 sessions (1:15 per), or 1 session (1:30).  All you have to do is ask and provide the setting for it; they will do the rest!  This is a take place outside the normal church worship setting which usually happens Sunday Morning. 

            The Worship services all have praise and/or hymn songs and a complete sermon/testimony of Trust, Hope, and Love, with the Three Session experience having the Lord’s Supper – or Communion – in the second service.  There is no charge, although we would appreciate a love offering to help with expenses.

            You can contact him at 512/554-8240 or to get more information, and have the Ministry Team in your church, community, or other entity that longs for a better outlook on life.  Come join us for a time of Worship of the One True God!

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